Student Government

Executive Board of Student Gov't

President: Rishabh Raniwala

Vice Presidents: Adarsh Paul Varghese

Secretary: Jake Zeyher & Trisha Mhatre

Treasurer: Dineth Karumanuni

Social Chair: Sarah Bates

Sustainability Advisor: Isabelle Braten

Decorations Chair: Sadie Kinnerley

President's Assistants: Tyler Moody & Aidan Thorbrough

Communications Chairs: Brielle Flavin & Jack Hall

Projects Chair: Hunter Driscoll

Senior President: Josh Darkwah

Junior President: Ben Kesselman

Sophomore President: Olivia Newfield

Freshman President: Sean Thomas

Advisors: Dr. Harvey and Mrs. Brey

Student Government by Class


Class of 2023

President: Sean Thomas

Vice President: Riya Shah

Secretary: Sydney Lillis

Treasurer: Philip Shim



Class of 2022

President: Olivia Newfield

Vice President: Megan Hanny

Secretary: Katie Umphred

Treasurer: Gracie Kaplan



Class of 2021

President: Ben Kesselman

Vice President: Thomas Petrillo

Secretary: Tori DiRocco

Treasurer: Neil Satsangi



Class of 2020

President: Josh Darkwah

Vice President: Sean Purdy

Secretary: Patrick Burke

Treasurer: Andrew Smith

Officers: Connor Burke, Dineth Karunamuni, Jake Zeyher, Madeline Pennino, Rohit Singhal

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Clubs at WHS

1 Pound of Inspiration

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Cota

Student Leaders: Madeline Pennino (Founder and president)

Meeting Time: Every Other Thursday Morning @ 7:45 am

We raise funds for the March of Dimes and anticipate working with local hospitals to directly support premature babies and their families.

American Cancer Society

Faculty Adviser: Ms. Meurer

Student Leader: Delaney Liston, Olivia Gladstein, Emma Rothkopf

Meeting Time: Thursday @ 7:30 am

We visit local hospitals in their cancer wings and bring cards. we visit children and deliver toys to those going through chemotherapy. we bring meals to families in wilton with parents and children with cancer.



Amnesty International

Faculty Advisers: Mr. Colati and Mrs. Palmer

Student Leaders: Ava Kaplan, Molly Foster, Teena Moya, and Kate Seelert

Meeting Time: Thursdays @ 6 pm

Amnesty International is a world wide human rights organization that has a chapter here at WHS. We have weekly meetings where we talk about human rights abuses around the world and take action against them. We love having discussions about current events and hearing all opinions! There’s also food at every meeting.

AI Cognitive Computing Club

Faculty Adviser: Mr. Willaum

Student Leaders: Zach Muraskin and Anusha Chegu

Meeting Time: Fridays @ 7:45 am

We want to promote computer science and tech students about AI while conducting a project to help our community

Animal Rights Club

Faculty Adviser: Ms Cota

Student Leaders: Nancy Healy and Morgan McCormick

Meeting Time: Biweekly on Monday mornings @ 7:45 am in Room 216

Animal Rights Club advocates for the protection and well-being of animals by raising funds for no-kill animal shelters and other organizations that save and support animals in need. In addition, we connect club members to animal shelters in the community in order to volunteer.

APP Club

Faculty Adviser: Ms. Maher

Student Leaders: 

Meeting Time: Thursdays @ 3 pm in Room 301A

The APP Club is a a group of students that meet once a week in Ms. Maher's room to learn how to program. This year we are learning how to code in Python, a major language for various jobs. Learning now, will help students have a better understanding in college if they choose to major in Computer Science.

Art Club

Adviser: Suzanne Brandt

Student Leaders: Elizabeth Yoon, Isabel Giller, Leah Moore and Julia Erardi

Meeting Time: Mondays @ 2:50 pm in Room 119A

The WHS Art Club works to beautify the school (through student-created murals) and to provide our members with the time and resources to pursue their interests


Buon Amico

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Pompa and Mrs. Morlath

Student Leadership: Julia Rothstein, Peyton Matik, Leah Moore, Sarah Wiltshire, Juliana Musilli, Andreen Reid, Caleb Fortland, & Jessica Olin

Meeting Time: Monthly @ 7:45 AM 

Buon Amico is a club that helps students grades 10-12 who are new to the school with the transition to Wilton High School. We give them tours and introduces them to key members of the school staff and administration. Membership is open to all Wilton High School Students grades 9-12. Once a month we host a breakfast for the new students and their "buddy" in the cafeteria.


Best Buddies

Faculty Advisers: Mr. Twerdahl and Mrs. Palmer

Student Leader: Caroline Burke

Meeting Time: Wednesdays @ 7:45 AM

The purpose of Best Buddies is to create 1-1 friendships between students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are all about spreading inclusion and making sure that every person at the high school has a friend who they can depend on.

Candy Stripers

Faculty Advisor: Linda Ciliberti

Student Leadership: Shelby Connor, Luke Terradista

Meeting Time: Twice a Month

Our club works to bring joy to nursing homes and assisted living facilities through distributing homemade cards and flowers, engaging in conversation, doing games/craft activities, or hosting holiday parties. We collaborate with Stay at Home in Wilton, an non-profit organization that provides a variety of services to senior citizens that allow them to stay in their homes, while staying active and involved with the community. Through this organization we host monthly technology help sessions for seniors at Comstock community center.




Debate Team

Faculty Adviser: Anthony Presta

Student Leadership: Purab Angreji, Davis Langhoff, Trisha Mhatre, Niamh McCarthy, Jake Zeyher

Meeting Time: Thursdays @ 6-7 pm in Mr. Presta's Room

The Wilton Debate Team is a competitive organization dedicated to developing its members' public speaking skills. Students should consider joining if they enjoy arguing, discussing current events, and talking about politics. We attend monthly tournaments at surrounding high schools and several annual national tournaments at colleges like Vassar, Princeton, and Yale. Our meetings are Thursday nights from 7 to 8 in room 231. Our faculty adviser is Mr. Presta and our current Captains are seniors Michael Wallace and Cameron Berg. Contact us at if you have any questions!


Engineering Club

Faculty Adviser: Mrs. Meurer

Student Leaders: Rohit Singhal, Zach Muraskin 

Meeting Time: Fridays @ 2:50 pm

The engineering club usually meets once week in the engineering room(first floor near the photo room). We explore different disciplines of engineering including civil, electrical and industrial. Most meetings are spent working on our projects. If you are interested in what engineers do then come on down we are always accepting new members!

French Honors Society

Faculty Adviser: Madame Berliet

Requirement: Must take French, 50% attendance required at meetings

Student Leadership:Tor Aronson (President 12th Grade) Lydia Hoffman (Vice President 12th Grade) Sibhi Nandan (Treasurer 12th Grade) Rithwik Shivram (Secretary 12th Grade) Erin Sweeney (Secretary 12th Grade)

Meeting Time: Once a month- Wednesdays @ 7:45 AM and Thursdays @ 2:55 pm in Madame Berliet's room

We spread French culture and awareness of events in the francophone world. Also we donate to various international charitable organizations such as Doctors Without Borders.


Full Court Peace

Advisor: Brandon Tegano

Student Leadership: Liam Gany, Kyle Maatallah, Matt Olson

Meeting Time: Fridays @ 7:30 am in Room 240

Here at Full Court Peace we all love working together to figure out ways that we are able to help communities around us through basketball. All are welcome to join. We have club meetings every other week on Friday’s at 7:55 AM in room 240. Our faculty leader is Brandon Tegano.

Gay Straight Alliance

Faculty Advisor: Scott Durkee

Student Leadership: Emily Assef, Victoria Soule, Kimmy Castano, Grace Bracken, Solomon Wozniak

Meeting Time: Thursday Mornings @ 7:45 AM 

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) meets every Thursday morning at 7:45 A.M. in room D109 (Mr. Durkee's room). GSA club discusses current events and issues involving the LGBTQ community, and ways to inform WHS students and faculty about them. Students should join GSA if they support equal rights for all people and want to learn more about how they can be an activist for these rights. GSA serves as a safe space for everyone, and it is currently run by faculty advisor Mr. Durkee, and student club officers Emily Assef, Victoria Soule, Grace Bracken, Kimmy Castano, and Solomon Wozniak.


German Honor Society

Faculty Advisor: Kerstin Roche & Christine Higgins

Student Leaders: Nicholas Ivanov

Meeting Time: Every Other Wednesday Morning @ 7:45 AM

The German Honor society promotes the study of the German language and culture.  Students in the society must be inducted (after being interviewed and taking German for 2 years).  The club organizes events that involve German language and culture such as German movie nights, hosting exchange students, German food/bake sales, and also last year, a scholarship was given by the society to a student traveling on the German exchange last summer.  

Habitat for Humanity

Faculty Adviser: Mr. Sobolewski

Student Leaders:

Meeting Time: Wednesday mornings @ 7:50am in Room 109D


International Club

Advisor: Senora Mostacero

Student Leaders: Claire Vocke, 12th, President

Meets once a week

International Club is a club that focuses on learning about different cultures through movies, activities, and field trips. We also help with World Language Week by having club members present about their experiences in different countries. Students should join if they are passionate about culture and diversity. We meet Monday after school in Señora Mostacero’s room. Claire Vocke is the President and the other leaders include Isha Shaw, Anna Iorfino, and Leah Moore.

International Sports Club

Meets every Tuesday in room 330 at 2:55 pm to either watch, play or discuss international sports such as ping pong, cricket, kabaddi, and many more. You should join International Sports Club because it is a fun, stress free club to learn and play different sports you may not have ever had the opportunity to play.

Board: Rushil Jha co-president & Anthony Saldutti , co-president

Key Club

Advisor: Dr. Ciliberti

Student Leadership: Taylor Burke (12, President), Morgan McCormick (12, President), Molly Ward (12, Board Member), Chess Cawley (12, Board Member), Nancy Healy (11, Board Member), Ashleigh Hawthorne (12, Board Member), Zach Sherman (10, Board Member), Vivian Quinlan (12, Board Member), Rebecca Jeon (11, Board Member)

Officer meeting once a month & full club meeting once a month

Key Club provides members with opportunities to grant service, build character and develop leadership within the community. Students volunteer for different activities in Wilton throughout the year depending on when they're available. It's a great opportunity to help others and connect with other students. We meet the first Tuesday of every month in room 331 at 7:45 am. Please contact Dr. Ciliberti (advisor) , Taylor Burke (co-president) , or Morgan McCormick (co-president) for questions.


meets 3 to 3:20 Thursdays

L.E.T.S. (Let’s Erase the Stigma) works towards erasing the stigma around mental illness. Our goal is to reveal the prevalence of mental illness (for example: anxiety, depression) in our community and to promote a good, healthy school environment. We are a welcoming club for anyone and everyone in the high school. You never know what someone else is going through, that’s our primary message.

We hang posters around the school to promote health and wellness regarding mental illness and raise money for these causes. We also do activities during meetings and work on our index card project!

Board: Libby Manuel (President), Isabel Shain (Secretary), and Paige Brown (Web-master).

Literary Magazine

Every second Thursday of the month, 7:45am in room 121 (down the Art hallway)

Adviser: Mrs. Estes

Little Theater Company

Advisor: Marty Kozlowski

Student Leadership: Finn Maloney (President, 12th grade), Ella Kinnersley (Vice President, 12th grade), Aidan Callahan (Secretary, 12th grade), Sibhi Nandan (Treasurer, 12th grade), Ava Kaplan (Press Secretary, 11th Grade)

Meets every other Thursday

The Little Theater Company involves almost every aspect of the theater program at Wilton High School. It provides ample opportunities to get involved in shows and tech positions such as the annual Freeplay improv program, senior show, and spring musical and fall play and also find time to play games and have fun! We meet in the Little Theater every other Thursday and our faculty leader is Marty Kozlowski. Our student leaders are Finn Maloney (President), Ella Kinnersley (Vice President), Aidan Callahan (Secretary), Sibhi Nandan (Treasurer), Ava Kaplan (Press Secretary).

Math Team

FA: Mrs. Giovannielo/Mr. Willaum

Leaders: Charles Li, 12, Captain. Alexander Eustace, 11, Co-Captain.

To enrich students' math education by participating in competitive meets. We represent Wilton High School in the Fairfield County Math League/Connecticut State Math League.

Marine Biology

FA: Steadham

Ashleigh Hawthorne (12th grade, President), Trisha Mhatre (10th grade, Vice President), Caroline Denneen (12th grade, Secretary)

Meets once a week

To help students learn about the marine environment by conducting research in Norwalk Harbor, by exploring topics online to present to other members, and to increase awareness among the school and community of ocean problems.

Medical Club

The medical club provides information to students about the various professions in the medical field (by bringing in doctors to present), gives many students hands on experiences (we go on many field trips) , as well as teaching members about important practices of medicine (we teach members how to suture)!

Meets every Thursday Mrs. Jasinski’s room (room 102)!

Board: Julia Morneau, President. You can email her at to receive the google classroom code!

Mock Trial

Advisor: Mr. McCaffrey

Student Leadership: Alexandra Curtin (12), President; Tyler Bluestein (12), President; Richard Dineen (12), Vice President; Mia Reufenacht (12), Secretary; Aiden Callahan (12), Treasurer

Meets up to 4-5 times a week when a competition is nearing

In five short years, the WHS Mock Trial Club has grown from a fledgling start-up to a club that has made consecutive appearances in the State Quarter-Finals. Mock Trial attracts many students with a variety of interests and backgrounds: from the future lawyers of WHS to the thespians to the year-round athlete, all of whom learn skills ranging from public speaking, writing, and of course, understanding the law. Students on the team prepare the roles of both witness and attorney in a pre-arranged "mock" case prepared for purposes of the State competition. The student witnesses learn the facts from mocked-up affidavits and prepare to answer any questions from lawyers during the direct and cross examinations while the student lawyers study the case file to craft questions for their examinations of the witnesses. They then meet at a State courthouse to compete against other area schools in the actual courtrooms, with area practitioners serving as judges. If you are interested, come join us Mondays at 3 in room 232.

Model Congress

Advisor: Mr. Dunaj

Student Leadership: Elizabeth Yoon (President,12)

WHS Model Congress creates an opportunity for WHS students to simulate the United States Congress. Club members practice and enhance their civic and social skills weekly. Each week, students write and introduce legislation (e.g. capital punishment, health care, anti-terrorism, euthanasia, etc.).

Meets every Thursday

Find out more at their website here

Model United Nations

Come to Model United Nations in room 331 to learn to negotiate and present about global issues and become a better global citizen. Win awards at conferences around the tristate area and beyond.

Meets: Tuesdays after school, 3-4pm in room 331

Adviser: Mrs. Fayak

Board: Jason Cai, President

Morning Warrior

Advisor: Kevin Slater

Student Leadership: Michael Cassara, Johnny Maggio, Ethan Reichgut

Meets twice per week

Morning Warrior is a weekly news broadcast dedicated to bringing entertainment, news, and information on upcoming events to the High School community. Our weekly show provides a forum for administration as well as students to have a voice in our community. Members learn the basic operations of a fully functioning TV Studio akin to those in the real world. Students can either operate behind or in front of the cameras (or both!) While locations and times vary week to week, we generally record Weather and Hosts Tuesday mornings at 7:30AM, and edit / publish the show Tuesdays after school.

National Honors Society

Advisor: Mrs. Steadham

Student Leadership: Taylor Burke (12, president), Harvey Alexander (12, vice president), Lizzy Lynch (12, secretary), Cova Perez (12, treasurer)

Meets first Thursday of every month

This service organization, which is composed of students who go above and beyond their regular activities, is dedicated to improving our town and high school. NHS organizes various activities, mid-term study night, for the school and community. They also provide free tutoring to Wilton students, most often at the high school. Admission to NHS is by invite only. Please contact Mrs. Steadham ( for any questions.

Organic Garden Club

The Organic Garden Club gives students the opportunity to grow plants in the outdoor garden during the spring and fall, and in the greenhouse year round. Students who have an interest in working in the greenhouse and the garden should join!

We meet Mondays and Fridays after school in the greenhouse, email Mr. Hunter ( or Arden Lee ( for more information.

Board: Arden Lee, President Jules Fastiggi, Vice President


Requirements: Training (See Mr. Pompa, Mrs. Dunaj, or Ms. Zemo)

Advisors: K.Zemo, C. Dunaj, & D. Pompa

Student Leadership: Tor Aronson (12), Grace Kirchof (12), Kace Stewart (11), Emily Underwood (12), & Megan Meyer (12)

2 x month (EC 1/Full Membership 1)

Peervention is not at "true club" because students are nominated by faculty members and required to attend 2 all day retreats and 5 afterschool sessions. Peervention is a program that equips students through intensive training with the ability to assist and support peers through challenging times. Peervention members mentor student students throughout the school system and supports various community mental health related programs.

Philosophy Club

The mission of Wilton High School’s Philosophy Club is to promote philosophical discussion among high schoolers and provide an intellectual and respectful environment for teenagers to pursue these discussions. We discuss widely different topics regarding philosophy, new members and topic suggestions are always welcome!

Meets every Wednesday morning at 7:30am in Mrs.Fayek’s Room (Room 331)

Officers: Rachel Boal, President, Madeleine Tupper, Vice President, Sophie Roberts, Secretary, Allison Farago, Publicist

Photo Club

Advisor: Mrs. Estes

Student Leaders: Emma Gardener

Meets Tuesdays after school.

Red Cross Club

Advisor: Mrs. Fayek

Student Leadership: Yashika Nana (Club President)

Meets every Thursday

The Red Cross Club is a team of students who are determined to help others and to gain leadership roles and experiences for the future. From hosting school wide events to being trained in different areas covered by the Red Cross, giving back to the community around us is the main goal. Feel free to come to a meeting anytime during the year! The WHS Red Cross Club meets every Thursday, at 7:30 in Rm 331. Feel free to email with any questions or concerns!


Advisor: Ms. Doble

Student Leadership: Daniella Chavez, Nicole Case, Nora Hoch

Meets every Friday from 3-4

Members utilize programming and engineering skills to build a robot that competes in VEX robotics competitions. Students who have a passion for STEM can learn and expand on their knowledge. The club meets every Friday from 3-4 in Ms. Doble's room (room 104). Led by Nora Hoch, Nicole Case, and Daniella Chavez.

Spanish Honors Society

Advisor: Mostacero

Student Leadership: Chess Cawley (12th grade, president), Michael Wallace (12th grade, Vice President), Nicole Case (12th grade, Treasurer), Victoria Curley (12th grade, Secretary)

Meets every other Friday

The Spanish Honor Society recognizes high academic achievement in the study of Spanish language and culture. Members participate in activities and volunteer opportunities to enhance what they learn in Spanish class.

Science Olympiad

FA: Janica Bagosy

Leaders: Jason Cai, Senior, Captain - Chuck Li, Senior, Captain - Alex Kobsa, Senior, Captain

Meets: Monday, once a week

We prepare building and test events to compete in the Connecticut Science Olympiad Competition.

Serious Fun

Serious Fun is a club that raises money for children with different illnesses. The money goes to a non-profit organization called Hole in The Wall, which are summer camps that these children can stay at, and be provided with all medical needs!

We also work with Children’s Hospitals nearby, and make cards for them during holidays! One of our biggest events will be a Wilton Color Run which will take place this Spring. All of the money raised will go directly to the organization.

Every active member gets their very own SeriousFun T-shirt!

Meets once a week, every Thursday morning at 7:45

Board: Maria Saldutti, President and Sophia Kaplan, vice president

Socks for Soldiers

Since December of 2008 Socks for Soldiers has raised funds to provide new white socks for soldiers (11978 to date) AND to support veteran causes such as "Homes for the Brave" and "Provisions for Patriots."

Board: Patrick Verrilli, Joe Murtha, Kyle Shifrin,& Tor Aronson

Stock Trading Club

St. Baldrick's

Advisor: Dann Pompa

Student Leadership: Johnny Maggio & Kyle Shifrin , co-leaders, both grade 12

Meets at least once per month

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises awareness and funds to fight childhood cancer. While battling cancer, children lose not only their hair but also years of their childhood, and sometimes their lives. Participants in a St. Baldrick’s event shave their heads in exchange for donations towards research. It’s a simple concept, a fun time and a very effective fundraiser - since its national founding in 2000, the St. Baldrick's Foundation has rose well over $50 million with head shavings in 18 countries, and shaved over 390,000 heads. Our team is comprised of Wilton High School students and staff started in 2007 for a area child diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma at age two-and-a-half who is now cancer free. For our first two years we participated with the Fairfield based TeamBrent, but eventually members of our school created a Wilton High School offshoot in 2009.

Teen Peaceworks

Meetings Tuesdays 7:30 before school in the Flight Room.

Adviser: Mrs. Zemo

TOP Inclusion Models

Advisor: Lauren Walker

Student Leadership: Kevin Connolly, Senior; Nick Sylvia, Senior; Lauren Robertson, Senior; Erin Sweeney, Senior; Dylan Bayer, Senior; Kyle Saxon, Senior

Meets once every two weeks

A club dedicated to promoting inclusion and anti-bullying at all age levels as well as raising awareness of various disabilities.


The club's main purpose is to raise money and awareness for different unicef projects through fundraiser such as bake sales and posters that are placed around the school. By joining UNICEF Club students are helping spread awareness on human rights and helping support children in need around the world.

Meets every other Wednesday at 7:45 in Señora Hernandez’s Room 314.

Board: Chloe Zimmermann (president), Carly Lattimer (Vice President), Cova Perez (secretary)

Video Club

The Video Club aims to win video contests in a team approach. The club provides kids the opportunities to act, videotape, and participate in making high quality videos.

Meets Monday mornings at 7:30 in the video production room

Board: John Shiller.

Warriors Help Warriors

Warriors Help Warriors' mission is to fundraise and help charities supporting veterans and those in service. We meet 1-2 times a month on Tuesday mornings at 7:45 in Mrs. Higgins room (room 313) to plan fundraisers and discuss different ways to give back. For more details, join the facebook group WHS Warriors Help Warriors Club or email

Board: Agata Favilla, Grade 11, Co-president, Lexi Kiss, Grade 11, Co-president

WHS Recording Studio Club

Our goal is to create a space where musicians can come to bring their creations to life. We create professional recordings and strive to foster a greater interest in music at Wilton High School. We meet in the recording studio! If you make a left when you walk into the building it is the first door on your left. We meet on Thursdays, but each musician can coordinate a time with Mr. Mendelson to make their unique projects a reality. We offer a warm and supportive environment for positive collaboration and creativity. We hope that we can allow music to bring our school together.

Board: Rachel Strassa

WLF Planning Committee

Our club gets to choose the language and cultural events for the World Language Festival. We go through the schedule and choose important events that we would like to include. It is a privilege to be organizing the week and designing the events for the taste of the school.

Board: Alex Killian and Jayna Gumins

Women in Biology

Women in Biology augments interest in science and encourages students to pursue their passion for STEM activities through student-led scientific discussions, the opportunity to research and present on any topic, and guest speakers. We are also planning several field trips for later this year!

Meets Friday mornings at 7:45 am in room 108.

Board: Hannah Bracken, KC Johnson, Alex Meyers, and Morgan McCormick (all co-presidents)

Women's Activism Club

Advisors: Ms. Maher and Mrs. Rinaldi

Student Leadership: Presidents: Victoria Soule (12), Emily Kesselman (12); VP: Grace Bracken (11); Secretary: Olivia Collender (12); Treasurer: Solomon Wozniak (10)

Meets every Wednesday morning at 7:45 in room 301A

We spread awareness of gender inequality, offer a space for students to share their insights and debate social issues, and most importantly, make a positive impact on the school and local community. Come join us!

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